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Sellers FAQ

We buy houses in any price range and anywhere in Ontario.

We can pay all cash with no conditions and close in a few days.

We will handle all paper work and make all the arrangements.

Q – How Does This Work?

We will contact you right away and arrange a time to pop by and see your home. We can make arrangements on the spot to purchase your home quickly.

Q – How Fast Can You Buy My Home?

We can have a Purchase Agreement written instantly after viewing your home. We can act as fast you need to have your home sold.

Q – Can You Stop Power Of Sale?

Absolutely- we can stop the power of sale with one phone call. It’s important that you contact us before the bank takes possession of your home and ruins your credit.

Q – Do You Only Buy Houses?

We buy any and all types of Real Estate Fast.

Q – Are You Real Estate Agents?

No, we are Investors. We do not charge any fees or commissions to purchase your home. We buy it. Real Estate Agents list your home and get paid a commission based on the selling price of your home. For examples a $300,000 sale would equal to a commission fee of $15,000 plus HST. We help eliminate the commission fees if we buy your home privately.

Q – Do You Buy Homes That Need a lot Of Repairs?

Yes, we buy homes in any condition and any location. No matter how much work your home needs we will buy it.

Q – We’re Behind On Mortgage Payments Can You Still Help?

Yes, but you need to contact us right away so that we still have time to stop the bank from taking possession.

Q – We Can’t Pay A Realtor Can You Help?

We do not charge any fees or commissions so we will still buy your home privately.

Q – Why Should We Call You Instead Of A Realtor?

We do not compete with Realtors for your home. We buy houses and don’t charge commissions.

Looking to Sell your Home Quickly? We Can Help.

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